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Eco Mailing Bags

The corrugated envelopes, we offer are made of uncoated matte white paper. They are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Even the plastic-free peel-and seal strip is 100% recyclable. The fluted paper lining is cleverly constructed inside the envelope to make them ideal padded mailers.

These eco-friendly mailing bags are of A5 size and fit the Royal Mail Large Letter Class. The bags are 215x150mm in size (H xW) and 225x170mm outside, with a 145gsm weight. These “Flutelopes” are an eco-friendly, lightweight packaging solution that is perfect for replacing bubble mailers with plastic. They also come in other sizes

Eco mailing bags are easy to use and store. They come in a pocket format, with a fold-over 50mm flap and a peel-and seal strip that adheres itself.

These corrugated envelopes are ideal for general use and a more environmentally friendly alternative to the bubble envelope or jiffy bags. they are an excellent choice for businesses looking for a sustainable packaging solution.

Customer Reviews

Howard White

Your packaging items have helped me a lot in protecting my products during shipping and have received great feedback from my customers as well.

Amelia Allen

The range of packaging items you offer is impressive and I am always able to find exactly what I need.

George Bailey

Your competitive pricing and commitment to value have allowed me to save money without sacrificing quality. I appreciate the balance you strike between affordability and excellence.

Mia Atkinson

Your dedication to solving issues and prioritizing customer satisfaction has earned my loyalty. I appreciate your efforts to make things right when challenges arise.

Louise Crouch

Your commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community is admirable. I appreciate the way you prioritize people and the planet alongside profits.